The refreshing plant substrate

brockytony – a refreshingly colourful growing medium that gives your plants more colour and vitality in your home and garden. Suitable for indoor, outdoor and hydroponics, available in your favourite colour.

brockytony shown at WDR show

In the latest news of WDR about heat-resistant plants you can find alot of helpful tips. Among other things, our coloured clay balls are used here as a decorative and yet fully functional cover.

Environmentally friendly colouring

Naturalness is important to us. For this reason we only use environmentally compatible colourants and dying additives along with eco-friendly processes to dye brockytonys.


brockytonys come in many trendy colours. An interesting decorative layer on the surface of the planter enhances your plant and fits perfectly with the environment. The environment stays clean and dry when watering and your plants look fresh and vibrant.


brockytonys are free from harmful germs which stops mould and pests around the roots. Your plant enjoys consistent good health and will express this with long-lasting bloom and freshness.

Our coloured expanded clay is available in 4 - 8 mm and 8 - 16 mm.

Plant water supply

brockytonys layered over or between the potting soil hold the moisture in the pot and keep the plants watered for a long period of time. So save yourself the daily watering and arrange your green darlings however you want.


The delightful colour of brockytonys lasts a long time. This is guaranteed by a TÜV/LGA-tested UV resistance. Even the spherical shapes remain stable. Whatever the weather – brockytonys always look their best!


Used as a base layer in flower pots brockytonys absorb excess moisture and release it to the plants when required. The air pores in brockytonys help to create excellent air circulation and provide an oxygen supply to the roots.


Grün ist Trend und gesunde Zimmerpflanzen harmonisieren das Raumklima. Im Gegensatz zu herkömmlicher Blumenerde können sich im Blähton aber keine Pilzsporen entwickeln. Zimmerpflanzen in brockytonys gebettet, sind daher ideal für Wohnräume, Wartezimmer, Büros & Co.



brockytonys sind wahre Outdoor-Profis! Aufgrund ihrer Struktur- und Farbbeständigkeit sind sie jahrein jahraus gleichbleibend schön. Und sie sind anspruchslos, denn dank ihrer Saugfähigkeit können Sie häufiges Gießen getrost vergessen!



Der hohe Luftanteil in den Poren der brockytonys nimmt Gießwasser auf und speichert es. Gleichzeitig steht den Pflanzen jederzeit ausreichend Feuchtigkeit zur Verfügung. In diesem organisch gesunden Hydrokulturraum können sich Pflanzenwurzeln schnell verankern.



Orchid Collection

brockytonys 4-8 mm are perfect for indoor plants, especially for delicate orchids.
Therefore it was a must to create an entire collection with matching colours to create an authentic lot.







Autumn Collection

When the leaves fall off their trees in autumn, they still show their most beautiful side and serve as a source of warm and cosy colours.







Earth Collection

Colours that are timeless and have a completely natural effect on our well-being: Colours from nature.
They create a relaxed atmosphere and can also be perfectly combined with all plants.








Sure! In addition, they have the functional properties of expanded clay. For decoration tips you can find our blog posts here!

Drainage is the drainage possibility of the irrigation water in order to avoid waterlogging.
In hydroponics, the plant grows exclusively in expanded clay and water - without soil.

Due to its porous property, expanded clay is ideally suited for drainage, but also for hydroponics and soil improvement in outdoor and indoor areas.
So you can either mix expanded clay with soil, plant it over soil or plant it completely without soil.

brockytonys are available in 4 - 8 mm and 8 - 16 mm.

Brockytonys are basically suitable for all ornamental plants, especially indoor plants cope well with hydroponics.

Expanded clay is structurally stable. This means that expanded clay generally cannot be decomposed or dissolved.
It therefore does not need to be renewed, except for optical reasons.

Expanded clay is in itself insensitive to snow and ice. However, a decomposition effect can take effect over several years.
This is caused by the water storage and the subsequent frost.

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